Birthday cake of doom

It was my 29th birthday on Monday. My usual tradition is making some sort of cake. This year I wanted to make something really funky. Pah. Who needs a cake anyway?


So its rather wonky and not very neat. And did I mention just HOW blue it is?


Mmmmm cake worms anyone?


It’s got a great big crack running through it


and it fell apart!

The whole thing just crumbles. Ah well I think it’s just time for some new tins 🙂

Wire (doesn’t) work

So, today I have been taking part in my 6 week Jewellery making course. Part of this is learning how to use new things, last time was saw piercing, this week was wire work. A major part of today was learning how to make Jump rings. I can honestly say that unless I am in dire need of them to save my life I will never make them ever again. First you take a round object like a nail and place it in a vice with the end of the wire, secondly you pull it around the object in tight coils until your hands are bleeding, cover finished coil in masking tape, and then saw halfway through them until you have about 10 jump rings. Rinse, repeat. It is probably cheaper to buy hundreds of them when you factor in how long it takes and the cost of decent wire.

I do actually like wire work, its just a bit fiddly and I’m usually covered in stab wounds after using it. It’s great though as a medium to work with. There are few limitations to what you can do with it, as long as you have the right tools. I will upload some pictures later of the work we have done in the class to show you what you can achieve in the 6 weeks. I only go one night a week for 3 hours, I would love it to be more, but I take what I am given, and there may be a level 2 and 3 class starting which would be great as we have so much fun there.

I will admit I got good feedback from the work I did today, and also regarding my designs for my final piece. I am a big Game of Thrones fan and I wanted to design something based around that, so I have a Dothraki inspired multi-medium piece, that focusses on the medallion element of the Dothraki culture. I am quite proud of it to be honest as it is the first thing that I have fully designed and I think that it will be a little wacky, but something that I would wear.

The life of a crafter

craft noun (SKILL) ( plural crafts) skill and experience, especially in relation to making objects; a job or activity that needs skill and experience, or something produced using skill and experience:the craft of furniture making/sewing/glass blowing political/literary craft rural/ancient/traditional crafts craft workers (= skilled workers)

This is the dictionary definition of crafts. My definition? Making a mess, tears, tantrums, swearing and finally a finished product.
The life of a crafter is a strange one, we spend our days in a perpetual state of thinking- thinking of how to improve things, what people are looking for and what we want to make next. We also have a strange little habit of keeping things that to everyone else looks like rubbish, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure so they say. (NB It should be noted at this point that the line between being a crafter and being a hoarder is a very thin one, and I think most of us if left to our own devices could go down this route!) We also have strange little ideas of making something unique and ending up occasionally with something that is uniquely terrifying. Meet Gerald.


Gerald is a goldfish in a bowl, on a big blue canvas which now lives in my husband’s study, because he terrifies me. It’s the cold staring eyes that seem to bore down into your soul that get me. Or the stupid look on his face. Either way it is no wonder I couldn’t sell the damn thing!

But as a crafter I just leave it there and move on to the next project. I like expanding my skills (usually meaning take up another hobby, much to my very patient husband’s despair!), and learning new things. This blog is my new, new thing. Every few days I will just update about my crafting and see how it goes from there. 🙂