A quick update

Ok, so I have been gone for a little while, but hopefully I will be back a little more now. For those of you that don’t know, my husband and I are in the process of buying a new house so most of my brain has been taken up with that, the rest of my brain has been taken up with health issues.

I have made a few little bits and pieces and I will probably get around to adding them tomorrow or Thursday.

One other thing I have been doing is upgrading my materials and tools. This quite difficult for me as I have no job at the moment, but a surprise £80 came my way and I have been trying to decide what I need the most right now. So far I have got:

-A set of lower case letter metal stamps (I should add for the bargain price of £3.91 instead of £35!)

– Some new wire

– A rotary tool with 205 accessories (That is waiting at the post office for me to pick up tomorrow).

We have actually been away visiting family the last week, and I have lovely in laws who gave me a few items that they were getting rid of. This is actually saving me a big chunk of cash as they were all things on my list. They gave me:

– A paper guillotine/cold laminator

– A glass engraver

-A soldering set with solder iron, solder gun, magnifier, solder and a few other bits and pieces.

Best of all is that I still have nearly £52 of the £80  left over, so I can still get a lot more stuff, although I am considering waiting until we have moved house to get it as I am going to have to start boxing everything up soon and its just more stuff to move.

Ok, ok, I know I usually post my craft fails, so here’s the big one from a couple of weeks ago. I bought a painting kit with dandelions on it and some mdf dandelion cut-outs to stick on at the end, I assumed (the pack was sealed) the the pattern was pre drawn on to the canvas. Boy was I wrong. So I had a blank canvas and a sheet with the pattern on that said to draw over it and once you had painted the canvas red, turn the sheet over and draw over it again to transfer the pattern. Did it work? Did it shite, so I had to try and hand paint all these dandelions by hand. Whilst I was waiting for the red to dry though, I had started painting the mdf bits, of which I was only painting one side and the edges as I didn’t want the pain to affect the glue. It was only when I came to stick them on at the end that I realised I had painted the wrong side. So when I got them stuck on (really hard with only pva glue to hand) they were all over the pattern. A few quick alterations to it later and it honestly doesn’t look too bad. But considering it was supposed to be an ‘easy and hassle free’ kit, it was a bit irksome to say the least!


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