I have always been a dreamer. Always. I wanted to be a volcanologist, a singer, a teacher, an artist. You name it and I have probably wanted to do it at some point. It was only when I started crafting that things truly clicked. I knew that I wanted to make things. I started out by making little bits of jewellery, simple things like threading beads onto findings that I had bought. Last year I was getting a bit bored of it, I was limited to the things I could make, and although different colours we used, everything was easy to make and provided little challenge. I decided that I wanted to make real jewellery.

Since January I have been taking a class at Newcastle College called Jewellery Design Make Level 1, and it has been amazing, in the short amount of time that we have been attending (Next week will be the last class of 6) we have learnt lots of valuable skills. I have for the first time designed and made a piece from scratch, and although it has yet to be finished, I am so happy with it.

I will be continuing with the Level 2 class over the next 6 weeks and from there I am wanting to volunteer at a jewellery work shop to help increase my skills, I have started to get a few tools to help me produce my work and I really want to take part in a silversmithing class. So who knows? Maybe this time next year when I have honed my skills, I will be a jeweller. The ride is going to be hard work, but one I need to see through.

I know most of my posts on here are fairly light hearted, but occasionally there will be one which comes from the heart, and lets you into my little bubble. I sometimes don’t know how to verbalise things, but I can just sit here in front of my computer and type. Feel free to leave a comment, or contact me at any point. I am around most of the time x

Chelle x


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