Candles to burn

Ok, so I will admit that I couldn’t do the whole cold turkey thing. I ended up buying craft supplies and planning my next project. Decorating candles.
In theory, this is a simple and cheap way to produce lovely decorative candles that make pretty, personalised gifts. How you ask? Follow these foolproof steps:
1- take white tissue paper
2- draw design on said paper
3- cut out nowhere near the design so you have lots of flappy bits poking out
4- forget you need to wrap the design onto the candles with greaseproof paper (this is an amazingly important step to create a truly crap craft)
5- try to hold design on with your fingers whilst you use a hair dryer to melt the candle into the tissue paper.
6- burn fingers
7- drop candle and dent it slightly
8- rub your fingers over the design to try and fully stick it on.
9- leave a puddle of wax on your desk (for bonus points, don’t notice and let it soak into your sleeve)

Et voila, your very own personal designed candle.

To be honest follow the YouTube videos and you will be fine. After a few goes it got better, but you still have hits and misses. I also hear a heat gun is far superior to a bog standard hair dryer!

So here are some pictures of what I ended up with from first to last.


This one the edges just wouldn't stick down at all



Ended up peeling this one off because it was wonky


Used material instead of tissue paper. Missed off bottom left hand heart, had to go back and the dye ran. Now covered in scratch marks where I tried to get it off.


This one is also material, and quite pretty, only...


This side melted in lovely...


This side didn't...

crappy crafting everyone!


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